Reverend Ruin.

Reverend Ruin has been involved in the comic book industry off and on for the past 20 years. Realizing at a young age that he wanted to become a comic artist and writer, he began to seek out lessons and art instruction books from the age of 12 onwards. He has studied illustration at University and has worked for such independent companies as Quest Comics, Kingdom Comics, and Main Enterprises.

“Comics to me are pure storytelling, merging the usage of both the left and the right sides of our brains in order to interpret the words and images on the page.” Rev Ruin said earlier today. “There is no budget restriction, just the restriction on your imagination and what you yourself are capable of drawing. In movies and TV there are always budget concerns, but in comics if you can draw a battle scene of 1,000 warriors going at it, you do it.”

As to why he has decided to present SHATTERED online in black and white with tones: “I’ve always felt that Black and White comics are the purest form of the medium. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff the big three put out. But when you’re an indy writer and artist such as James O’Barr or any of the other notables, the black and white format just allows for so much expression that at times is removed when you color a piece.”

Reverend is a father of two (a son and a young daughter) and is engaged to his fiance El. The two make their home in central Wisconsin and enjoy movies, television, and reading all the books that they can.