Something from Nothing

No, I’m not gonna launch into a diatribe about origins or god or the big bang. I’m gonna tell you a little story instead.

Let’s go into the waaaaay back machine and a stack of comics that my Grandma had picked up from a garage sale. This was in the late 80’s, so you can imagine I was still a kid back at that time. Probably 87 or 88, but don’t quote me on that.

So my Grandma had picked up this huge stack of comics for us grandkids to read when we were at her house. (Mainly this would be after dinners where even the kids would be stuffed to the gills and laying around like beached whales, our energy spent, our carb heavy stomachs dragging us down under earths gravity.) I loved these comics. The Millenium Mini Series from DC (and that forgettable Kris Kristofferson movie). The Batman and superman comics, some of which scared my innocent ass so much I never picked them up again. An Alan Moore Swamp Thing annual that was creepy as fuck and for mature readers.

Well, my mother was super religious at the time. At the time? She was always super religious, and would go over whatever I was consuming as a young pop culture sponge. (pup culture sponge?) So she picked up a DC publication of Detective Comics and began to leaf through it. Soon she stopped, looked at my Grandmother, and then flipped back to the beginning of the comic.

“Ma, did you know that Norm drew this?” She asked my grandma. I didn’t know who Norm was. I didn’t care. It was Batman, and it was freaking cool as he was in the Fever storyline vs the Ventriloquist and Scarface.

“Really?” Grandma said as she took the proffered comic from my mother. “Let me see.”

She opened the book and began to flip through it.

“I see he finally made it.” Grandma stated.

I then had enough interest piqued to ask who this Norm was. It turns out he was my cousin through my great aunt who was my grandmothers sister. He had always been an artist, and wanted to get into comics. For some reason he had fallen out of favor with the family, for reasons I never understood.

It was the first time I realized that someone got PAID to make these comics. Yeah, I was young and naive back then. It took a couple more years for me to decide to become an artist with a concentration towards comics.

But I tell you this story to tell you how I started this journey, from nothing to nearly 35 years later becoming an artist myself with a strong comic book style. This blog will take you through my memories, probably pretty randomly and with a lot of rabbit trails as I detail my 20+ years as a comic book professional and relaunch my work to the world.

Ready or not, something from nothing and a shattered mind are bringing you darkly themed imagery (and eventually comics)!

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