Blambot Fonts:
This place is where I get as many of my fonts as I can, and have for years. Piekos is excellent at what he does and I can’t recommend his fonts enough!

MisreadBible: Funnier than the original, and 90% less preachy!
My buddy JR Eldridge has taken up the task of satirizing the bible! Stories once familiar now take on a humorous slant in this laugh out loud funny retelling of the ‘holy’ scriptures!

BleedingCool: The comic book and Pop Culture site.
Rich Johnston is a long time friend of mine. Someone I’ve enjoyed since I first discovered him Lying in the Gutters. Now Avatar Press has BleedingCool, which launched when LITG was shitcanned from CBR. And it’s still one of my daily stops to see what’s happening in the industry I love.