Exclusive Announcement! (AKA: Coming in April 2021!)


Ever wanted this comic in hard copy? As a physical issue? Well you won’t need to any longer. Why?

Because there’s an EXCLUSIVE coming soon! An EXTREMELY limited edition of the first full issue of the SHATTERED comic! With an exclusive variant cover that will NEVER be available again! Each copy will be signed and numbered and limited to 200 copies world wide!

When will this drop? When we launch our online storefront in April of 2021! (Mid-April, probably around April 15th). And not only will you be able to purchase this limited edition first issue, but you’ll also be able to purchase original art and other cool things from our online store!

So mark your calendars for Mid-April (April 15th seems a safe bet) and be ready for the LIMITED EDITION first issue as well as much MUCH more to be launched in April!

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