State of the Shattered Universe


Welcome to the first of what will be a series of blog posts. About what? The shattered universe and the science (yes, I said science) that has inspired these fucked up interpretations of our world at large. I’m no Warren Ellis (thank the gods, wouldn’t want that kind of heat nowadays), but I’ll try to give you guys some insights on how I think and how things come through my mind and out onto the page. I’m not the best wordsmith in the world, in fact I call myself an “intelligent hack”.

So the Shattered Universe.

Back during the colloquially named “Big Bang” there’s a theory that multiple universes were spawned into existence. And that these multiple universes exist in a multiversal stack. Think of a bunch of hard drives stacked one on top of another. Each of these hard drives is connected somewhat, through the motherboard mainly. But each of the drives is another universe. If you add in a simple RAID idea, then you can see how each of these hard drives is connected to each other. Thus, if you stretch this analogy to the breaking point, how the multiverse is connected. Each universe has a connection to each other universe. They share data, like in a RAID configuration. (Yeah, I said I was gonna stretch this analogy to the breaking point didn’t I?)

So the Shattered Universe is a lot like ours. There’s a LOT of shared data. But there’s things that work differently in the Shatter-verse than in ours. What could be considered magic is one of those things. Beings that have been around, or trapped in another dimension. A shadowy group that’s involved in everything from sex trafficking to governmental oversight and trying to keep the peons of this universe so far behind they can’t see that there is this group.

And then there’s a Terminus. The end point for this universe.

So the question becomes “What if there was a being…………and it was split into three parts. If this being was powerful enough, the split would have shattered the universe.”

Would that impact the Terminus? Would it impact the other universes in the multiversal stack? Or would it just affect the single universe that we find ourselves exploring a tiny part of in SHATTERED’s first volume?

Currently I’m still establishing the story, setting the players into place. There will be expansion. Evolution of the story (which is already occuring). Evolution of the art. And evolution of the concepts as I dig deeper into the science behind the concepts and precepts that inspired the story in the first place.

Of course it’s a ficitonal world, and as such I can play god as much as I want. And I will, as long as it makes sense within the story. From a lantern that can abolish the darkness of the Shadow Realm to the three in one being that we will be introduced to, the Shattered Universe will show the readers an entirely different world that harkens back to our own while being different enough to make one guess whether it’s a reality that is possible, or all in your mind.

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